Cave Specs

Tour Distance:
1/2 mile (.8 km)

Tour Duration:
1 hour (approx.)

Cave Temp:
58 degrees F. (14 C.)

Elevation at Entrance:
3,930 ft. above sea level

Lowest Elevation on Tour:
3,896 ft. above sea level

Highest Elevation on Tour:
3,969 ft. above sea level


The Flower Room

The Floral Room



Disney's National Treasure II


Walking Tour – Prices

All Ages Welcome
Adults (13yrs+): $13
Children (5 - 12yrs): $7.50
Children (4 and under): Free
Discounts are available for AAA, AARP, Active Duty Military.
Coupons are found in many local tourism publications.


Tour Schedules

8am – 8pm  Beginning of Peak Season – August 21
9am – 5pm  Sunday, August 22 – Friday, September 3
8am – 8pm  Saturday, Sept. 4 & Sunday, Sept 5 (Labor Day Weekend)
9am – 5pm  Monday, Sept 6 – October 31st, pending weather
*The last cave tour leaves one hour before closing.


What should I wear? What_to_Wear.html

Group Tours group_tours.html

We vary our departure times to meet the needs of the visitors. Our guiding principle is that no visitor shall wait more than 20 minutes. Average waiting time is 10 minutes or less. When things get busy we schedule additional tours to meet visitor flow.


Xpedition Adventure Tour – NEW!

Adventure TourGo on a true caving adventure through some tight crawls to see rooms off of the main tour route that almost no one else sees. This extreme adventure is not for the faint of heart. Not recommended for the Claustrophobic. No refunds will be given. Tour consists of a regular walking tour with a journey into the Rouge Room, Arrowhead Room and Bookworm Alley. To qualify for tour guests must make it through a space 10" x 22". Guests need to be sure they can make the crawl before they make reservation. To test this at home we recommend the guest put a tension rod 10" high in a doorway and crawl under. You will need to wear long pants, shoes with a sturdy sole, long sleeve shirt recommended. You will get dirty, expect that. We supply caving helmets, headlamps, knee pads and elbow pads. Tour lasts approximately 2 1/2 hours. The max tour is 5 guests and a trip leader. Minimum age is 14, with parent or legal guardian signing the waiver. All guests must sign waiver.

Tour Schedule: Tours Run daily at 10:00 am and 3:00 pm.
Tour Price: $35. Admission price also includes a picture and 20% off Adventure Tour shirt.

Reservations can be made by phone, no refunds will be given. Discounts do not apply. Call now to reserve your Xpedition Adventure Tour at .


Interesting Tour Facts

1. Rushmore Cave is the closest cave to Mount Rushmore and is easily accessible from Keystone and Hermosa.
2. The cave contains a large number of beautiful cave formations such as stalactites and stalagmites and is a real crowd-pleaser!
3. There is no crawling required. Minimum fitness should be the ability to walk an hour at a slow pace with a few modest stairs.
4. The entire tour route is illuminated with electric lights, and visitors may bring their own flashlight. The trail is well groomed and improved with steps and rails for a safe and enjoyable visitor experience. We go the extra mile to please the visitor.
5. Flash photography is encouraged and sufficient light-levels allow for the use of most video cameras.
6. The cave temperature is 58 degrees Fahrenheit and we recommend visitors wear comfortable outdoors type clothing and stable walking shoes.
7. We offer an AUTOMATIC REFUND POLICY for visitors that must leave a tour. If you must leave the tour for some reason, such as claustrophobia or other health related problems, we will offer a "no questions asked" refund.